How is it Working?


Free voice services available for all major IM clients:

  • Voice calls between Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger and Yahoo!
  • Voice mail service, interoparable between major IM clients.
  • Voice conferencing: with any number of participants of any IM type.
  • Sending off-line messages and notifications.
  • Calling SIP phones and SIP services.
  • Receiving calls to your IM from any SIP phone.
  • Receiving calls to your IM from mobile or landline phones using SIP Broker.
  • Receiving calls to your IM from web users.
  • Free toll-free calling to 1-800, 1-866, 1-877 and 1-888 numbers via SIP Broker.


Paid voice services:

  • Outgoing calls from your IM to any telephone numbers throgh a number of VoIP carriers.
  • Incoming calls to your IM from any phone number (PSTN DID assignment).
  • Sending SMS messages from your IM to any mobile phone number.


Information for VoIP service providers


Gtalk2Voip do offer a number of colaboration services for VoIP businesses, like:

  • PSTN termination to your equipment.
  • VoIM termination from your equipment to our users.
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