Call to India mobile phones for as low as 2 cents/min

Only in May, call to India mobile phones for as low as 2 cents/min using Talkonaut account.

To get this discounted rate, as a customer, you need to switch to use our Talkonaut software along with an account on our server. In other words we encourage our customers to move from Google Talk and Gmail to Talkonaut.

For your convenience, your current GTALK2VOIP balance (credits) on existing account will be also available on your new account.

Once new account is registered, you will need to download and install Talkonaut software for your device from:

After installation, you will need to sign in into Talkonaut using your new account, as below:


On PC version please select Account type:Talkonaut


On iPhone/iPad version please select Account type:Talkonaut

On Android version please select “Sign in with a Talkonaut account”


Your existing account will proceed working as before, but using account will not give you any discounts.

cheap call to india mobile phones for as low as 2 cents/min using Talkonaut account is available Only in May

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