Sangoma FAXStation is Now HIPAA-compliant


Great News! Sangoma is excited to announce that their faxing service, FAXStation, is now HIPAA-compliant!

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Being compliant with HIPAA ensures that businesses follow a process to protect and secure protected health information. In other words, you can trust that Sangoma FAXStation keeps people’s healthcare data private.


What is Sangoma FAXStation?


FAXStation is a unique solution that uses a proprietary FOIP mechanism to ensure reliable fax transmissions. While competitors are stuck attempting to shoehorn T.38 into a reliable fax package, FAXStation bypasses that unreliable protocol and provides a complete and timely send. 

With FAXStation, you get the best of both worlds – we’re looking at you, Hannah Montana! You can still use a legacy fax machine coupled with our CPE device, or use our e-fax service through the FAXStation portal. Sangoma keeps FAXStation cost-effective for you and your customers by charging per page instead of per user. FAXStation has evergreen commissions and is the perfect addition to your portfolio.

Visit our website to learn more about Sangoma FAXStation!

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