SandSIV Strengthens EMEA Presence with Global Multiyear Agreement

New client is Africa’s leading telco, covers 20+ African, ME markets

ZURICH, 17.12.2019 – SandSIV, provider of enterprise Voice of the Customer (VOC) solutions, proudly announces that it will serve as the VOC solution for Africa’s leading mobile telecommunications operator.

Global delivery

Global delivery

For SandSIV, the agreement represents an opportunity to showcase its solutions in one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse markets. For the client, which serves customers in several markets throughout Africa and the Middle East, SandSIV promises an overhaul of its current customer-experience (CX) ecosystem and the opportunity to make strategic use of an unprecedented array of CX data.


“The African and Middle East telecommunications markets are growing rapidly,” notes SandSIV CEO Federico Cesconi. “With that growth comes danger for telcos who retain outmoded CX models and opportunity for those who invest in new ways to serve their customers responsively and consistently.


“That makes it especially crucial for larger telcos in the region to complement traditional inside-out CX strategies with approaches that let them hear and respond to their customers’ needs. SandSIV is proud to offer its newest client the tools it needs to turn customer experience into winning corporate strategy.”

The client sought a single CX platform capable of collecting customer feedback through multiple channels and in multiple languages, of harmonizing and analysing that feedback, and of distributing actionable results of its analysis to key personnel.

It chose SandSIV’s sandsiv+ platform for its generous range of integrated features, notably its near-real-time capture of everything from survey data to unstructured data, from all physical and digital channels, including social media. Its robust analytics engines produce truly actionable dashboards and reports, and its AI features generate crucial alerts and recommendations that help telcos deliver innovative services quickly and strategically. Crucially, sandsiv+ integrates with a wide variety of legacy systems ranging from BI solutions to CRM tools.

“Telecommunications companies adapt and change, or they suffer,” observes Federico. “We are proud to help a major telco learn exactly what its customers want and need, now and in the years to come.”


SANDSIV is a Swiss software provider located in Technopark Zurich, Switzerland’s main technology hub. Listed as a leading VOC vendor in Gartner’s recent VOC Market report, SANDSIV has built its reputation in delivering its state-of-the-art Voice of the Customer enterprise solutions “sandsiv+” to advanced CX teams at leading organisations throughout EMEA, including leading companies in the telco, financial services, utilities, retail and transportation sectors.

sandsiv+ captures, analyses, integrates, improves, and measures the customer experience. Introduced in 2014, the next-generation CX platform harmonises data from any direct or indirect channel, and generates inferred data using artificial intelligence. Its analytical features are built on advanced AI technologies including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Machine Learning, providing for the increasingly unsupervised production of faster and more accurate actionable insights, and allowing organisations to act responsively and plan wisely. The platform supports complex integration, customization and configuration.

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