ProLabs to urge service providers not to discount CWDM technology in their upgrades at FTTH Conference 2019

Cirencester, UK, 11 March – Whilst there is an industry-wide shift towards DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) for 10G and beyond, it is important for operators to not discredit CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology in the move.

At the 2019 FTTH conference,12-14 March, ProLabs will counter the industry’s position on CWDM, by offering a new sub-channel CWDM portfolio that will allow operators to provide more bandwidth within a single CWDM channel and the potential to operate on frequency bands, other than C-band, which are likely to be less congested.

“By offering sub-channel CWDM technology in the E-band, we will continue to support the operational co-existence with various technologies including NGPON2, whilst still allowing plenty of bandwidth for applications including point-to-point WDM to the business and 5G backhaul,” said Anthony Clarkson, service provider sales manager EMEA.


Ideal for service providers who wish to overlay multiple xWDM channels over existing infrastructure without interfering with existing services like XPON and RF Overlay, the new CWDM products will have a 10G bandwidth per sub-channel and can be used in dual and single fibre applications. The offering also gives service providers the potential to add up to 32 channels per CWDM wavelength.


Anthony added: “It is only the minimal pricing gap that has led organisations to believe that CWDM technology is no longer a viable option for the impending increase in bitrates, however this is simply not the case. CWDM is a flexible, scalable and perfectly viable option for service providers for 10G and beyond.”

Whilst ProLabs provides a standard range of sub-channel products, it also intends to work together directly with service providers to understand their specific requirements and develop tailored connectivity solutions for each application.

Attendees of FTTH Conference 2019 can find ProLabs at stand B28 from 12-14 March at the RAI Amsterdam.

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