NOS deploys TEOCO’s Mentor with CogniSense to improve network performance and data analytics capabilities

Portuguese operator will use enhanced geolocation to improve customer experience and explore new data analytics use cases

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 25 February 2019 – TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) and OEMs worldwide, has today announced that Portuguese operator NOS will deploy Mentor with CogniSense to improve its network’s performance and provide better analytics.

TEOCO’s Mentor performs RAN optimization and analytics by using network measurements and precise geo-location. Mentor uses a powerful engine to deliver advanced performance monitoring and optimization, deep-dive troubleshooting and subscriber experience visualization in networks with multiple technologies, vendors and layers. The architecture of Mentor has evolved to support Hadoop and to better enable the big data integration and tools ecosystem.


CogniSense provides dashboards for detailed analytics, giving both a high-level overview of the network vs KPIs and the ability to drill down to troubleshoot the network or provide more specific business-driven analytics. This includes analysis of roaming customers, user behaviour, and historical trends of faults and KPIs.


NOS will use Mentor with CogniSense to transform their network operations. Problem detection, root cause analysis and optimisation will be further automated, with issues pinpointed accurately to the individual cell. This accuracy will also give insights to a multi-dimensional view of the network in terms of elements, handsets, user centric performance, hotspots, etc. These new insights will give NOS a better understanding of their network, promoting smart engineering and smart capex, and will potentiate new revenue streams. It will also underpin the rollout of new functionalities like VoLTE and new IoT services.

“Our work with TEOCO has meant we can build an ecosystem of tools that can help us to constantly improve our network, from planning through to optimization and identifying new value creation streams,” said Jorge Graça, CTIO, NOS. “Adding Mentor with CogniSense reinforces the insights we get from the mobile network and enhances the accuracy of the information we have, building the framework for mobile optimization automation.”

“We’re delighted that NOS has added to its use of TEOCO’s Helix and ASSET products to provide deep analysis of its network,” said Atul Jain, Founder & CEO at TEOCO. “More than 4 million subscribers will benefit from an optimized network, while NOS will better understand these customers and where opportunities lie.”

TEOCO is a leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) and OEMs worldwide. Our solutions enable the digital transformation of CSPs while enhancing their network QoS, improving their customer experience and reducing their operational costs.

Through advanced analytics and automation, TEOCO solutions provide actionable and measurable insights into network and customer behavior. This includes the optimization, effective monetization, and delivery of new and existing services, such as VoLTE and Video. Our commitment to network flexibility and agility makes TEOCO the obvious choice for CSPs looking to leverage NFV/SDN and the rise of 5G, and to maximize the revenue potential of new opportunities tied to video and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT).

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About NOS
NOS is the biggest communications and entertainment group in Portugal. It offers latest generation fixed and mobile phone, television, Internet, voice and data solutions for all market segments. It is leader in Pay TV, new generation broad band services and in cinema exhibition and distribution in Portugal. In the business segment, it has positioned itself as a sustainable alternative in the Corporate and Mass Business segments, offering a broad portfolio of products and services with tailor made solutions for each sector and for businesses of different sizes, complementing its offer with ICT and Cloud services. NOS is part of the main Portuguese stock exchange index (PSI-20), and has more than 4.7 million mobile phone, 1.6 million television, 1.8 million fixed telephone and 1.3 million fixed broad band Internet customers.

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