Make SIP Calls

Make SIP  Calls (mobile to phone ) via Google Talk Using Freecall or Intervoip account

Yeah , its sound too good to be true. The best thing, I like about Google talk is that it can connect through my office network where all other IM services are blocked. Moreover, I can make PC to PC calls too. However, you can very easily extend this functionality to make PC to phone calls via Google Talk using your Intervoip or FreeCall account. Following is the procedure to do it :

Step1 : Register for Gtalk2Voip account. Click here to know more about it and how to do it. It will just take seconds for you to register.

Step2 : Click on the SERVICE BOT in your GoogleTalk and send “MYPAGE”. A link will be displayed and you can click it to reach your personalized page.


Step3 : Choose Define your own SIP providers,


Select “ADD” your SIP accounts as in the following:

Username – your existing SIP account name;

Pasword – password for your existing SIP account;

Confirm password – repeat your password;

Host – SIP server/proxy domain name.

In case of INTERVOIP its and incase of FREECALLS its

Port – Leave it as it is (5060), else check your provider for details.

Techprefix – Add ‘+’ or ’00′ (without the quotes). This is used to skip prefixing ‘+’ or ’00′ before an international number while making a call.

Step4 : Press Save to save the changes.

Step5 : Go back to your Home on personal account page and choose Define your dialing plan.

Step6 : Press Add to add new dialing entry

Fill-in the form, including:

Order – order number, used to select this dialing entry when callling, values are: [1 – 1000]. 1 means “choose me first”.

Prefix – leave blank.

Select Provider which will be used to route calls to this destination. Your user-defined SIP accounts will be in the very top of the list. If some of your SIP accounts not present, that means they are temporary off (see Enable option for SIP accounts above).

Set Enable checkbox to enable this entry. This option can be used to temporary disable the dialing entry.

Step7 : Press Save to save the changes

Step8 : Log out of Google Talk and Log in again.

Step9 :Click on the SERVICE bot again and type:

Call . Please note the number should be in international format without ‘+’ or ’00′ prefix. For Ex: To call to UAE mobile number use CALL 97150XXXXXXX , where XXXXXXX denote the number.

Step10 : Accept the incoming call from service bot and wait for it to connect you to the number.

Thats all, now you can use GoogleTalk to make PC to Phone VOIP calls using your Intervoip or FreeCalls Account .

Please note : You can type COST to check the rate via Gtalk2voip. Most of the times, you will be able to get good deal than your existing PC to Phone Voip Provider.

Make SIP  Calls (mobile to phone ) via Talkonaut Using Freecall or Intervoip account

Sometime back I posted , how to make VOIP calls from mobile using SIP . However , due to the complicated structure of inbuilt SIP settings , we used one of best mobile voip software called Fring.

Here we will learn how to make VOIP calls using SIP via Talkonaut , one of the best alternative of Fring. Since Talkonaut is the mobile client provided by Gtalk2voip , the process is exactly the same, i.e add SIP client and chose it as the default Dialling plan.

Step 1 : Download Talkonaut and install it in your mobile. Visit on your mobile else

Step 2 : Login with your Google Talk id.

Step 3 : Go to MENU , and Click SIP and select SIP accounts.

Step 4 : Click ADD from the MENU.

Step 5 : Select Others from the options.

Step 6 : Add the account details as shown in the ScreenShot or as shown in STEP 3 for Gtalk2voip in Googletalk, and save the details

Step 7 :In the MENU select DIALING PLAN , and Add details.

Step 8 : Select CALL number option from the MENU to make VOIP calls from your mobile.


I am using Talkonaut to make calls from my Nokia 5800 . The voice clarity is very good and is just like calling via PC. You can not carry your PC everytime, but having such a useful option on your mobile, will enable you make low cost voip calls anywhere and anytime.

Happy Talkonauting !!!!

Update : Seems like the service is paid now … However, for $5 its not that costly …