Low rates for Talkonaut users

We are pleased to announce significant rate discount to India mobile destinations for our Talkonaut users. New rate is now as low as 1.99 cents/min. In order to get this discounted rate, as a customer, you need to install and use our Talkonaut software and sign in using @talkonaut.com account.

Existing GTALK2VOIP customers who use Gmail accounts need to register new Talkonaut account from their personal account page in order to get balance transferred:

  • Send MYPAGE command to service@gtalk2voip.com in chat window.
  • Click the link displayed to you, to get to your personal account page.
  • Click on “Create a new @talkonaut.com account attached to current balance”button and proceed with the instructions.

Existing GTALK2VOIP customers who already used @talkonaut.com accounts will get the discounted rate automatically

We recommend to use Talkonaut for making calls: