Emtelle launches New Fibre Termination Facility to meet global demand for FTTH

The facility was officially opened by Jamie Hepburn, the Minister for Business Fair Work & Skills

Hawick, Scotland, 13 January, 2020Emtelle, the leading global manufacturer of pre-connectorised, blown fibre cable and ducted network solutions, today launched its brand-new Fibre Termination Facility in response to the rising demand for pre-connectorised fibre solutions globally – enabling operators to deploy Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) faster and more efficiently.


The opening of the Fibre Termination Facility, which is located at Emtelle’s Centre of Excellence in Hawick, Scotland, comes as homes and businesses demand to be connected quicker and more effectively than ever before.


The role of the facility will be to cut and polish the fibre, so that it is readily available for operators to connect directly to customers’ homes. This specialised process is the first of its kind to be implemented inhouse within a European fibre cabling and microduct manufacturing facility – providing a unique and enhanced offering to operators across the globe.

“As the demand for fibre broadband continues to grow at an exponential rate in many countries, operators are under increasing pressure to lay fibre straight to the doors of end-users faster than ever before,” said Colin Kirkpatrick, Solutions Director at Emtelle. “The launch of our brand-new Fibre Termination Facility is pivotal in satisfying this increased need, providing our customers and operators with not only a high-quality product but also a highly efficient turnaround. We place a high value on customer service at Emtelle, and the opening of the facility further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of today’s pre-connectorised solution market. It was also a privilege to have Jamie Hepburn open the facility. At Emtelle, we pride ourselves on innovation, and it was great to have this recognised by such a well-respected individual within Scottish Government.”

The Fibre Termination Facility was opened by Jamie Hepburn, the Minister for Business, Fair Work & Skills. Hepburn is visiting businesses across the region who are showing innovative manufacturing techniques and have plans for further development.

Emtelle has extensive experience in the development of innovative pre-connectorised fibre cabling solutions that allow for a more straightforward, quicker installation, meaning more premises can be connected more efficiently worldwide.

For more information about Emtelle, please go to: http://www.emtelle.com/.

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About Emtelle
Emtelle, the global manufacturer of pre-connectorised, blown fibre cable, and ducted network solutions is at the forefront of the fibre-to-the-X industry, having assisted all the key players with quality & reliable fibre & duct solutions for deployments worldwide.

With operations in UK, Germany and Denmark, as well as sales offices in The Netherlands, Sweden, Eastern Europe & Malaysia, Emtelle serves over 100 countries globally to multiple sectors including telecommunications and power. Emtelle’s experience is unrivalled, proven by the company’s continuous innovation and growth of the well-renowned solutions that continue to be deployed in networks globally.

Having dominated the blown fibre & ducted solution manufacturing space since its inception, Emtelle have pioneered some of the most innovative solutions within the industry as the company has advanced over the past three decades. These manufactured solutions focus on creating best value, reducing total project costs, and minimizing installation time and disruption.

Emtelle not only pride themselves on quality solution manufacture, Emtelle offer the full solution in terms of solution supply, customer service, support and training, from initial concept to installation and beyond. The highest standard of excellence is provided by Emtelle throughout all its activities by using the company’s production capacity and technical knowledge to develop, perfect & sustain the optimum solutions; the entire Emtelle offering adds value to FTTX networks around the world.

For more information about Emtelle, please go to: http://www.emtelle.com/.

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