Building a multi-brand ecosystem of communication apps interoperable, secure and auditable by design

25th April 2019 – On 24th April 2019, Secure Chorus, at the invitation of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), held an expert workshop at CYBERUK 2019 called “Building a multi-brand ecosystem of communication apps that are interoperable, secure and auditable by design”. Secure Chorus is a not-for-profit membership organisation in the field of information security.

The workshop comes shortly after Secure Chorus’ recent announcement of the completion of its first set of interoperability standards for encrypted voice calls specifically aimed at enterprise users. This has created a much-needed breakthrough, setting a strong step ahead to develop interoperability standards for developers of communication apps.

Elisabetta Zaccaria

Elisabetta Zaccaria

Speaking after the workshop, Elisabetta Zaccaria, Chairman of Secure Chorus said:
Secure Chorus was honoured by the invitation from the NCSC to host this workshop. Our vision is to become a thought leader in the development of multi-brand ecosystems of cybersecurity products that adopt our technical approach: interoperability, security and auditability by design.”


Secure Chorus’ members-led workshop included contributions from BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Leonardo and Armour Communications. These organisations discussed how, in cooperation with Secure Chorus, they were able to set in motion the launch of a multi-brand ecosystem of secure and auditable communication apps that work in a cross-domain environment.


There are several important aspects enterprise users should consider when selecting a communication app, such as reliable data security and auditability. But there is another important aspect that remains unresolved: users of different enterprise communication apps should be able to connect in the way that phone numbers connect enterprise users of different telephony networks.

The workshop included a real-world case study in which three different organisations had the requirement to make secure and auditable cross-domain secure calls on a project.

Ed Gillett, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, said:
The case study we chose reflected the real-world needs of a live project for cross-domain secure voice communication, involving a client from the public sector and two service providers from the private sector.”

Nik Beecher, Leonardo said:
The teams not only made voice calls from three organisational domains, but they worked remotely from different locations, despite having to use insecure networks. Also, as the project was time sensitive, the teams needed to be able to rely on technology solutions that allowed for quick deployment and easy provisioning of new users. We are glad that Leonardo’s Ceryx application is able to offer all these benefits, thanks to the standards we have adopted for encrypted voice.

Dr Andy Lilly, Chair of Secure Chorus’ Standards Committee and co-founder of Armour Communications said:
Secure Chorus’ members community has been working hard over the past year to bring these interoperability standards for secure voice communication to life. I was pleased to advise the board of directors of Secure Chorus on these standards in my role as Chair of the Standards Committee. Armour Communications has adopted such standards in its Armour Mobile app and, as you have seen from the workshop, our app is interoperable with Leonardo’s Ceryx app. We look forward to growing further the multi-brand ecosystem of communication apps to offer choice to the enterprise market.”

The Secure Chorus multi-year technology roadmap includes further development of interoperability standards, to meet enterprise user requirements.

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